While many of the Magic Texas sessions will feature ensemble casts, Mind2Mind will give you a chance to share some intimate, quality time with two special performers.

These exclusive sessions will feature no more than 30 to 35 guests for an up close, personal experience. This will also be their first appearance in the United States. Mind2Mind will only participate in a few sessions per day and your special tickets for this show will be distributed on a first come first served basis at the registration desk.

Step into a world of elegance and intrigue with Mind2Mind, the award-winning  mentalism duo renowned for crafting unforgettable experiences in Dubai.

James Harrington and Marina Liani specialize in creating memorable and mind-blowing moments, ensuring every event is a journey through the extraordinary.

Witness the mesmerizing synergy of James and Marina, known as Mind2Mind, as they demonstrate their astounding ability to transfer thoughts seamlessly, leaving the audience in awe. Experience the incredible as Marina, blindfolded, discerns people's names, describes random objects, and even identifies banking security codes, all without a glimpse.

Mind2Mind is an immersive journey through the mystifying realms of mentalism and magic. Comprised of the charismatic James Harrington and the enchanting Marina Liani, this world-class Dubai-based duo has been the epitome of high-caliber entertainment, mesmerizing global audiences with their unparalleled feats and interactive style.


Meet James & Marina

James Harrington and Marina Liani, the faces behind Dubai’s top magic & mentalism act, invite you to step into a world where the boundaries between reality and the extraordinary blur, where each moment is a dance between wonder and excitement. Join us in exploring the uncharted territories of the human mind and experience the unforgettable entertainment that only Mind2Mind can provide.

The Genesis

James, with his profound prowess in close-up magic, had been leaving audiences spellbound worldwide since 2008, bringing sleight of hand, misdirection, and psychological illusions to intimate gatherings. Meanwhile, Marina, a multi-talented individual, excelled as a pianist, model, and event MC for multinational companies in Dubai.

The Convergence

When James and Marina’s paths intertwined in 2015, it was a harmonious convergence of talents and passions. The connection was instantaneous, culminating in the inception of Mind2Mind, which swiftly ascended to become Dubai's premier magician duo, garnering an invitation to perform at The Magic Circle and establishing their dominance in the realm of magic and mentalism.

James and Marina are not just performers but architects of awe and wonder. As recipients of the prestigious 'Got Talent' Golden Buzzer and winners of the Prestige Awards for Live Entertainment Specialists of the Year, they have etched their names among the luminaries of the entertainment spectrum. Their Vegas-style spectacles have earned accolades from industry titans, with Simon Cowell lauding their act as "mind-blowing," and Britain's Got Talent dubbing them as "Psychic Superstars."