Norbert Ferré

Norbert Ferré

About Norbert Ferré

Norbert is an acclaimed Magician taking the world by storm with his creativity and unique style. Based in Marseille, France, Norbert has built a following through performances at magical conventions in more than sixty countries. He has garnered much attention since winning 1st Prize for Manipulation at the World Championships of Magic in Den Hague, along with winning the prestigious Grand Prix.

Norbert graces the stage with true originality and mastery. His combination of humor and technical manipulations are delivered with a finesse that is inextricably his own. It's with a deep respect for his craft that he designs highly creative routines that have won over audiences in eight different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish or Russian.

His performances are delivered with an expert sleight of hand, with a subtle blend of self-depreciating comedy. His seamless choreography astonishes with crescendos that delight, mixed among mime, dance, comedy and acting explored to the full depths of their wonder.

Norbert is capable of tailoring his show to varying stage conditions, and can perform as a single appearance or as multiple short intervals.